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E – Comrades like never seen before a unique e commerce business idea introduced by Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed

E-Comrades helps in building, launching and growing profitable e-commerce businesses and Amazon FBA PL services.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we realize how certain industries and fields see constant growth and progress. Ever wondered what could have helped these industries rise to such exponential levels of success? Well, there could be innumerable factors, but no one can deny the immense hard work, passion and courage certain professionals and entrepreneurs show, who take these industries to the next level of success. Doing exactly that in the world of e-commerce is yet another passionate entrepreneur named Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed, who has pushed limits and challenged himself to constantly innovate as a businessman, mentor, motivational speaker and Amazon private label and wholesale expert. This man has made a lot of buzz around himself and the work he has been doing since the last decade in the Amazon world.

Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed takes pride in saying that he has given almost 10 years to the industry and gained massive experience in Amazon PL by launching more than 500 products thus far. This in itself helps him stand apart from the rest for doing exceedingly well as an entrepreneur and achieving so much as a young talent. Hafiz Ahmed is the founder and CEO of “E-Comrades”, which has been on the rise as an e-commerce business and marketing agency with Amazon FBA PL services. It has essentially become the largest group today providing digital skills to the youth, making them more skilled in building, launching and growing profitable e-commerce businesses.

Hafiz Ahmed says that the online world has so far seen incredible technological advances and developments, which includes the development of the e-commerce space, where the competition gets tougher each passing day. To help new sellers compete in the same, he came up with E-Comrades ( to overcome this gap by providing them consultation. These consultations and mentoring help individuals excel in the field of Amazon and create a flourishing career for themselves out of his robust business model.

Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed today is known as a successful business tycoon, motivational speaker, and mentor for a reason for he helps individuals get skilled in income generation and reach their definition of success. To find out more about him, visit his website,

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