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How Serna Amini Is Making the World Groove to Her Beats

Music has a special magnetic charm that is potent enough to draw people towards it owing to its rhythms and melodies which can never be ignored ever. We can say that it is something which touches hearts and makes people fall in love with it again and again. Innumerable music artists have been contributing towards the art for the longest time known to us and have taken the art to the next level. These artists majorly consist of singers as they have a tremendous pull as compared to all from the fraternity who have been conveying limitless magnificence through their songs and have delighted the listeners till no end. Out of the present age singers we have one name who has done outstandingly well in this sphere by garnering huge following of her singing talent, she is Serna Amini.

This powerhouse of talent has given some amazing songs which have received an overwhelming response from the listeners as all the major digital music streaming platforms have been receiving maximum plays for her singles and EPs which is quite impressive for someone who has just stepped in to make her mark in this highly competitive music space which is infested with the best of world’s talent. She has evolved since the time she debuted and has today gained a tight grip over the craft which is quite distinct and unique from the current breed of singers who occupy the space. She says that in order to get noticed amongst the sea of talent that occupy the music arena, one has to have an edge, or else it is difficult to carve their niche. She has worked on her craft, honing her skills day and night, and stepped into the zone only when she was confident enough of carrying the weight of being a professional singer.

Presently her music has been widely appreciated and has done well on major music streaming platforms, especially Spotify. Some of her singles and EPs which have released till date and have done exceedingly well include Persian Kiss, La La Paradise, Love 99, Tehran Party and Ya Wallah. “There’s a lot in store for the listeners as I’m coming up with some interesting work early next year,” concludes Serna.

To listen to her music, visit and connect with her on Instagram: @serna_amini to stay updated on her forthcoming releases.

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