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Jacob Ambient: Moving his way to the top as a growing singer

He has taken over the music realm with much enthusiasm such that his work has been noticed across continents. 

The music industry has given us many artists who have enthralled us with their music. Some of these artists have created a special place in the heart of music lovers, and such has been the impact of their music that it has been timeless and is even loved after years of its release. Some prominent music artists have been able to make a permanent place in the hearts of listeners, and we have amongst us one such artist whose music is going to withstand time and become ageless owing to its uniqueness making it a breed apart from others, we are talking about Jacob Ambient who is predicted to be the next big music star what with his melodies winning hearts of a million listeners. 

Music is life, and life is music is what this young artist has followed since he understood rhythms and melodies. One thing that drew him towards it and fascinated him till no end was music. He grew up listening to some of the biggest music stars of the millennium and had made up his mind that this is what he wanted to pursue going ahead in his life. “the soulful music of these top artists mesmerized me and inspired me to hone my skills and be the best in what I do,” says Jacob Ambient. 26 year old Paris born Jacob Ambient had nothing else in his mind than to be a music artist and thus started his regular trysts with music which made him master the skills that were required to tranform into a fine artist. All the hard work paid off and he eventually emerged to become an artist whose work made heads turn and his music got noticed by all. 

Currently pursuing his dreams in Dubai, he is trying to get a foothold in the big world of music. Some of his recent work include songs like Lova and Demain and the latest one J’adore, which is topping the charts at the moment.


To know more about him, follow his Instagram @jacoblevinrad

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