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RIICHYLEE rapper new single built on trust

Behind a successful man there’s  a lot of unsuccessful years.always do your best,what you plant now,you will harvest later.everyone encourages the successful,but you can encourage yourself on the way to it.

Riichylee‘s New Single is Built on Trust: Bronx singer and rapper Riichylee’s new single is the trap/tropic banger “Trust.” The accompanying video is directed by Nina Hendrix, and sees the artist walking the streets, performing on a white angled stage, and chilling with women in their underwear. 

“This single shines light on how your status tends to be a gift and curse in a relationship,” Riichylee says via a press release. “I speak on my status and how my appeal that reels women at the beginning of a relationship leads to trust issues and insecurities after we’re in it. Without trust, you don’t have anything.”

The song is the latest in a series of wins for the east coast artist, after his debut single “TPIN’ earned over 300K online views. There’s surely more to come. Riichylee’s New Single is Built on Trust: The “Trust” single is out now.

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