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Vying to make his mark in music as a one-of-a-kind musician, enter Mniko14

The young singer, rapper, and songwriter has excelled in instruments like Dulcimer and Qanoon.

The kind of momentum and the level of success a few industries have earned so far often makes people wonder about the reasons that might have helped these industries reach exponential levels of growth and success. Of course, technological advancements are one reason, but one cannot deny how the endless efforts and incessant hard work of youngsters have been changing the game of almost all the industries of the world. Among these industries is the music space, which is known for giving birth to innumerable talented beings, and Mohammad Nikoomanesh, aka Mniko14, is one among them. He is one of the reasons who has contributed to the rapid rise of music in the Persian music scene.

Mniko14, as he is famously known by his stage in the industry, is all about his commitment, determination, and madness for music, and the manner in which he has been carving his path to glory in music is nothing less than commendable. The proof is his incredible songs like Divar, Ayda, Saat, Sigar, Zendegi, Intro, Outro, Donya, Hamzad, and Sarbaz. All these songs, in one way or the other, exude the true love for music that this young musical talent possesses in himself, which is what helped each of his tracks garner so much love and appreciation from the audiences, especially people who crave Persian music.

Making a name in a short span has never been a cakewalk for anyone in the industry still; Mniko14 has managed to go ahead many other aspiring talented beings, which has yet again helped him garner headlines lately. His fantastic singing skills, combined with his passion for writing songs, rapping, and performing, all have together led Mniko14 to create his unique path to success in the industry, turning heads of people and how.

Doing extremely well in the industry, the Persian musical talent can’t wait to make it huge in the coming years in the industry. To find out more, follow him on Instagram @mniko_official and check out his Spotify

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